2.0 Final Box Office Collection

Thalaivar Rajanikanth and Akshay Kumar most expensive sci-fi released worldwide on 29th november.The film screened 10500 in the worldwide and 7000 screens india alone.2.0 opened good reviews from all over and teriffic starting at worldwide box office.The film collected 110 crore at the worldwide box office on its opening day.2.0 also braek every record in tamilnadu,the movie collected 2.64 crore at chennai city box office on opening day which is higher than the Sarkar that collected 2.37 crore.

Check here 2.0 detailed worldwide box office collection report

2.0 Box Office Collection

Final Worldwide Box Office Collection
LocationDay 1 GrossFinal Gross
Tamilnadu33.58 Crore115.3 Crore
Kerala4.15 Crore17.80 Crore
Karnataka8.10 Crore46.00 Crore
Andhra& Telanghana19.20 Crore82.90 Crore
Rest of India25.30 Crore225.5 Crore
UAE-GCC7.20 Crore31.00 Crore
USA6.30 Crore39.40 Crore
Rest of World13.41 Crore60.00 Crore
Total 117.24 Crore617.00 Crore
Total Worldwide Box Office Collection
Day 1117.24 Crore117.24 Crore
Final 617.90 Crore
Tamilnadu Box Office Collection
Day 133.58 Crore33.58 Crore
Chennai City Collection
Day 12.64 Crore2.64 Crore

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